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The 2020 Morpheus Referral Program

Would you like to receive a $100 discount on your membership dues?

We are pleased to offer the Referral Program for our loyal krewe members. In an effort to reward your hard work and dedication to our krewe, each paid member from our 2019 parade membership list is eligible to receive ONE referral fee credit for the 2020 season.

Here are the requirements to receive the $100 discount on your dues: 

• You were a paid in full member for the 2019 parade season.

• Pay your deposit or pay in full  to be eligible for the 2020 referral program.

• Get a new member to join our krewe.
The new member must designate you as the referring member on their application.
(Previous members that were not on our rolls for 2019 are eligible to be defined as a new member.)

• The new member’s dues must be paid in full by August 15,2019

• Your dues must be paid in full by September  1, 2018.

Please note - you may refer as many new members as you like, but you will be eligible to receive a credit for only ONE referral fee.