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Parade Themes Title


YEAR             DATE                                        PARADE THEME

2020           Feburary 21st                     Morpheus Dreams of Aquatic Adventures
2019            March 1st                  Dream Destinations   

2018            February 9th                     Morpheus Goes WILD !

2017            February 24th                  Morpheus Takes a Gamble

2016            February 25th                  Morpheus Takes a Staycation

2015            February 13th                  Freaky Friday

2014            February 28th                  Morpheus Cruises the Streets of NOLA

2013            February 8th                     Friday Night at the Movies

2012            February 17th                  Louisiana Treasures

2011             March 4th                           Morpheus Sings a Tune

2010            February 12th                  Dreams of the Classics

2009           February 20th                    Heavenly Dreams

2008           February 1st                       Crescent City Dreams

2007           February 16th                     Dreams of Carnival

2006           February 24th                    Dreams of Travel

2005           February 4th                      Childhood Dreams

2004           February 20th                    Royal Dreams

2003           February 28th                    Morpheus Treasures

2002           February 8th                      Reality of Dreams